Remolques de EXPedición Bruder


Uncompromised Performance

We have worked tirelessly to produce an expedition trailer that doesn’t compromise your tow vehicle’s capability.

Our revolutionary chassis and suspension systems are the backbone of the Bruder EXP-6 expedition trailer design. They work together to give maximum performance in even the most challenging conditions. Our suspension system has over 12”inches of wheel travel with perfect geometry throughout the range of motion. It provides a sublime ride quality over even the most extreme terrain, and is completely adjustable on the fly to suit terrain or level out virtually any slopping camp spot. It can even convert to single axle arrangement front or rear.

Ligther, stronger, safer

Up to 50% lighter than conventional constructions, the EXP-6 is also immensely strong. Developed from the ground up, the EXP-6 body cell is fully engineered and constructed by hand in Australia.

Designed for extreme climatic conditions, the Bruder body cell has a standard insulation R-value of 5.1 and is made from over 30mm thick composite throughout its entirety. This maximizes insulation and strength throughout the entire body of the EXP-6.

We don’t use aluminium or steel frames to join our body cell together as this creates insulation leakage points and a pathway for ice or heat to migrate to the interior.

The EXP-6 is further enhanced to handle hot and cold climates by keeping main drinking water supplies within the EXP-6 body cell itself, rather than underneath where it could be exposed to freezing temperatures.

“Los toldos controlados a distancia proporcionan una cubierta enorme de forma rápida y sencilla y se pueden colocar en ambos lados del remolque”


The main rear hatch entry point provides instant protection and utilises the entire space around you.

Don’t let size fool you – the EXP-6 is designed to offer luxury and comfort inside and maneuverability that many smaller trailers can’t match. Our unique suspension system can be used to counteract steep side slopes and even lean away from overhanging tree branches, making the EXP-6 a true master of fitting into tight areas. A 600W solar system fitted on roof.

Carbon fiber snorkel and pressurising system can be turned on remotely when traveling in extremely dusty conditions.

A rear Warn recovery winch and 2x recovery tow points.Weight distribution, balance, strength and size are carefully measured during the EXP-6 design process, but nothing beats real-world testing. We’ve tested the EXP-6 in Australia’s toughest terrain.

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